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 coalescing cartridges - votech
Coalescing cartridges for liquid removal from gaseous media. ... An integrated pre-filter effectively separates solid particles, thus considerably increasing the cartridge lifetime Temperature resistance: for standard cartridges continuous operating temperature 70°C; maximum surge 120°C (pH 7).

 486 coalescing cartridge | classic filters
Is the 486 Coalescing Cartridge a standard size? Dimensions for the 486 coalescing cartridge are 51.5x64x476mm (IDxODxLg) and they have an industry-specified efficiency of 99.9% removal of 0.2 µm oil aerosols and particles. The 486 is available from stock.

 coalescing filters, coalescer, industrial cartridges, bags ...
Coalescing is a process of separation, used by the Process Industry for liquid – liquid separation and liquid – gas separation. This process involves the coalescing (joining) of small particles or droplets of water in to larger one by means of barrier or electrical energy.

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 trp® oil coalescing cartridges
TRP® Oil Coalescing Cartridges meet or exceed all OEM requirements and use 100 percent new desiccant. This helps the TRP® Oil Coalescing Cartridge remove water and oil aerosol from the air supply, ensuring the highest level of protection for the vehicle. The Importance of the Right Dryer

 filtration products - coalescing cartridge manufacturer ...
Filtration Products We are a leading Manufacturer of Filtration Products such as Activated Carbon Filter, Activated Carbon Cartridge, Pre-Bilter Cartridge, Fine Oil Nemoval Coalescing Cartridge, Oil Removal Coalescing Cartridge, Coalescing Principle and many more items from India.

 air coalescing filter cartridge - industrial/commercial ...
Coalescing Filters are used for the removal of water and oil from an air stream. Coalescence (coming together) of oils occurs as the liquid passes through a layer of pleated media used for removal of particulate followed by passage through a layer of nonwoven glass or synthetic material. The nonwoven material acts as a trap for droplets that in turn combine with other droplets. As the droplet ...

 oil & gas filter cartridges - filtration group process ...
JPEX™ Series Conical Style Coalescing Cartridge JPEX™ Series conical style elements coalesce extremely fine liquid particles from natural gas, such as lubricating oil downstream of a compressor. The flow pattern through the element is from the “inside-to-outside, reducing the ...

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