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5, the specifications are complete, to meet the needs of a variety of fine filters. The coalescing separator is mainly designed for liquid-liquid separation. It contains two kinds of filter elements, namely: a polymer filter and a separation filter.

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Irwin M. Hutten, in Handbook of Nonwoven Filter Media (Second Edition), 2016. 3.9 Coalescing Media. Coalescing filters separate liquid particles from a fluid stream. The fluid can be either gas or liquid. Gas phase separations are used to separate moisture and/or oil mists from contaminated air streams.

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Coalescing filters can be used to recover lube oil from a compressor when installed at its outlet. Fluids fed into the compressor inlet may include aerosols, particulate matter, dissolved hydrocarbon liquids, and slugs and are extracted by a filter element located in the upstream of the compressor.

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We carry a broad range of coalescing filter separator for any OEM, and an extensive range of coalescer filter housings for compressed air and special gas purification. At Greenleaf Filtration, you'll find one of the most comprehensive ranges of alternative compressed air filter elements available today.

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In gas processing, adequate inlet separator and filter separator are required to prevent foaming due to the chemical contamination. If absorber is downstream from amine unit, glycol unit, or compressor, a filter separator is required. Also, filter separator and coalescing filter used to prevent fine mists from entering the absorber.

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