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 duplex filter and change over filters by krone filter ...
Filter operation is maintained without interruptions during the cleaning phase. The duplex filter is casted as one and consists of two identical single filters which can be operated alternatively or in parallel via a changeover cock switch device. The single filter consists of a cast body, cover and filter insert.

 duplex filters – ife international filter engineering
Duplex series identifies a range of dual-body static filters, whose filtering set can be cartridges or baskets.. The ease of operation makes them suitable for a wide range of applications and continuous operation. Functioning: The fluid crosses the filter elements, which hold all the impurities equal to the granulometric dimensions required.

 filtri duplex: elevata efficienza al giusto prezzo
Filtri Duplex a bassa o media pressione dall'ottimo rapporto qualità - prezzo . Brevettato con l’utilizzo di una singola mano e zero perdite di carico, i filtri duplex Mahle – Filtration Group offrono un eccellente rapporto qualità - prezzo.

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 fhd - duplex - filtri alta pressione - prodotti
Filtro in linea doppio, pressione di lavoro 350 bar (5076 psi), portata fino a 345 l/min (91 gpm), connessioni filettate 1/2” a 1 1/4" BSP/NPT/SAE e flangiate 1 1/2” SAE 6000 PSI.

 duplex filter / strainer | bollfilter
With two filter chambers connected with a changeover valve one chamber is always in operation while a clean filter chamber is in standby mode. Duplex filters are primarily used where shutting down machines and systems are not practical or highly uneconomical, for example, in the maritime or the production industry. How the duplex strainer works:

 duplex filters
Duplex Filters APPLICATION Filtration of pressurized lube, hydraulic and fuel oil. Direct installation on pipelines. Continuos operation due to duplex filter design. DESIGN Two filter housings in carbon steel or stainless steel, connected with a 6 way change-over valve unit with integrated pressure equalisation.

 duplex pressure filters, duplex pressure filtration ...
Eaton's duplex pressure filters are known for their high intrinsic stability and excellent filtration capability. These filters operate continuously, when the first filter needs replacement or maintenance, an integrated rotary slide valve switches flow to the opposite side without interruption to flow.

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