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 filter separator | exterran
Filter Separator The Horizontal Filter Separator is a sturdy, combination package designed to remove contaminants from liquid-free natural gas streams. Available in single and dual boot configurations, filter-separators, containing one micron filter elements, are used for the removal of dust, rust and small particles and handle gas capacities up to 321 MMscfd at 1400 psig.

 gas filter separator -
The coalescer filter section removes bulk liquid and solid particles and also coalesces fine liquid droplets into larger ones. These larger droplets are then removed in the second Double Pocket (DP) Vane] section. SPEC utilizes high capacity DP Vanes to increase the separator’s throughput and thus minimize the separator diameter.

 filtri, separatori e purificatori | italia
Filtri, Separatori e Purificatori

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 gas filter separator and coalescers - hc petroleum equipment
Also, filter separator and coalescing filter used to prevent fine mists from entering the absorber. Solid removal efficiency of the filter separator is 100% when size of solids is 3 microns & larger, and 99%, when size of solids are 0.5-3 microns, while liquid removal efficiency is 98% when size is 8 microns & larger.

 filter separator « kingtool company
Since the filter elements are the heart of the filter separator, their construction is of utmost importance. KingTool filter elements are manufactured in-house, constructed of select phenolic resin fiberglass, secured by a sturdy metal structure and sandwiched between two different types of cloth to ease handling and prevent fiberglass migration.

 oil–water separator - wikipedia
The purpose of a shipboard oily water separator is to separate oil and other contaminants that could be harmful for the oceans. They are most commonly found on board ships where they are used to separate oil from oily waste water such as bilge water before the waste water is discharged into the environment.

 il filtro separatore d’acqua/carburante racor serie ...
Il filtro separatore d’acqua/carburante Racor serie Turbine per applicazioni marine è il più affidabile presente sul mercato. Certificato UL, si caratterizza per il sistema di filtrazione a tre stadi, che rimuove in modo efficace l'acqua e i particolati presenti nel carburante garantendo la massima protezione dei componenti dei motori diesel nelle applicazioni marine, in cui l ...

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