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 jib crane | vkvc | engineering | design | manufacturing | vkvc
VKVC Jib Cranes are used for loading / unloading pigs near Pig Handling Systems. They are also used for removing filter elements from vertical filters. The cranes have a double bearing swivel to ensure that the jib crane can be rotated easily. Technical Features

 jib cranes for pipeline pigs | peb group of companies
Jib cranes are used to lower the pipeline pigs onto the cradle or trolley. Crane capacity must be sufficient for the largest pig that is expected. Operation can be with a manual tackle or with an electrically operated tackle. In either case, the tackle can be provided with Ex certification for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

 jib crane for handling system – manual type
jib crane for handling system – manual type DESCRIPTION This equipment allows the removal and laying of the Pig from the inside of the retractable cradle of the Handling System of the launching traps, using a crane equipped flag with a manual winch for vertical lifting fixed to a sliding cart on wheels which allows the horizontal translation within the beam.

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 bkw's pigging equipment includes traps, trays, cranes, y's ...
BKW pig trap trays and jib cranes are used to enhance the loading and unloading of large diameter pigs. Trays can be equipped with hydraulic rams for loading and hydraulic winches for unloading. Trays are also equipped with 360º jib cranes, tray bridles, rails and elevating devices.

 pig handling system | world leading industrial manufacturer
Pig Handling System ERGIL not only manufactures pig launcher and receivers, but also provides equipment for pig handling cranes and trolley systems. These systems, which help you to handle, load, and unload the pigs without using man power and minimize the work accidents, can be mechanical and automatic.

 pig trap facilities - pig handling | peg
Optional drain tray, fixed or retractable; optional jib crane. Optional launching / receiving sequence control panel with mimic. Optional supply of main pig trap valve, by-pass valve, kicker valve, vent and drain valves. Sizes from 2 inch to 48 inch, ANSI 150-2500 lbs

 pig traps - pig launchers and receivers - glapwell
Launchers and receivers are designed to meet the specific requirements of a pipeline. To compliment our range of launchers and receivers we have a dedicated in-house team of designers and technicians for all manufacturing and testing of pig trap production to meet specific customer needs.

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