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 kirk® - the leader in trapped key interlocks
KIRK® believes everyone has the right to be safe at work! To ensure safety, the risk of hazardous energy and equipment, needs to be controlled. Our trapped key interlock safety systems and safety components provide our customers with solutions to control these risks.

 trapped key interlocking - wikipedia
Later on, the Englishman James Harry Castell (1880-1953), Frenchman, B. Trayvou and the American R. L. Kirk developed trapped key interlocking systems, and such systems are often referred to as Castell or Bourre Keys or Trayvou keys or Kirk key interlock systems.

 castell safety - trapped key safety interlocks, lockout ...
Castell Safety International Everyone has the right to be safe at work. Castell trapped key interlocks have been used as part of integrated safety systems across a wide number of industries worldwide for over 95 years.

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 examples of key interlock systems
Examples of Key Interlock Systems . A White Paper by Kirk Key Interlock Company . Introduction . The fundamental principle of interlocking – disabling one electrical or mechanical function unless some other function (or functions) is in a particular state – can be achieved in many ways.

 trapped key interlocks - total lockout
Key Interlocks have been in existence for almost 100 years. They provide a purely mechanical method of implement safe working practices, and unlike electronic control systems, are sometimes considered infallible. Even when power systems fail, the trapped key interlock system maintains a last line of defence against potential injury.

 valve interlock - netherlocks
The valve interlock is installed as an integral part of the valve, with the original valve lever removed and replaced by the Netherlocks interlock with a new sliding lever or hand wheel. Single and double key valve interlocks. Single key locks block a valve in either open or closed position and are commonly used for locking stand alone valves.

 mechanical valve interlock solutions - smith flow control
Smith Flow Control were the first to introduce the coded card linear key concept to interlocking, a concept which is so well recognised across the industry today. As the innovators, our knowledge and depth of understanding is second to none and we pride ourselves in delivering the best solutions across the marketplace.

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