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 pig signallers - inpipe products™
The pig signaller is used to indicate the pig has left the Launcher, arrived in a receiver or passed a certain point in the pipeline. The iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ pig signaller range is reliable and effective regardless of the orientation in which it is fitted due to an omni-directional trigger design.

 non-intrusive pig signallers - online electronics ltd
Online's range of non-intrusive pig signallers accurately detect, signal and log the passage of pipeline pigs at critical points along pipelines onshore, offshore and subsea. All topside signallers are ATEX certified allowing for installation in hazardous Zone 1 areas such as on platforms and in refineries.

 (non) -intrusive pig signallers | peb group of companies
Pig Signallers can be used to detect the passage of pigs in a pipeline. They can be either intrusive, whereby they will physically protrude into a pipeline or they are non-intrusive types that are strapped on the outside of a pipeline.

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 pipeline pig signaller – pigs for pipeline
PIPELINE PIG SIGNALLER (FASIN Pass Indicator) The ball pass indicator, which is used to determine whether the pigging passes or arrives, is usually placed at the transmitter and receiver ends of the boiler and is placed in the key position on the pipe line.

 pig signallers | ema industry engineering services co.
PIG SIGNALLERS. EMA is not designing and manufacturing pig systems only, but also providing pigging tools as well.. EMA p ig signallers are used to provide confirmation of the movement of pigs through a pipeline. They are normally positioned at both the pig launching and pig receiving stations and at key points along a pipeline. Many operators choose the EMA Signaller as its simple design and ...

 datasheet – pig signallers - cross
It is important to know when a pig has left a launcher or arrived in a receiver. In some circumstances, contractors need to know when a pig has passed a certain point in a pipeline. iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ Pig Signaller range provides a trusted method for determining a pigs passage through a pipeline, which can be

 pipeline pig signallers | polyeurope pigging & pipeline ...
Pipeline Pig Signallers Poly Europe manufacture a full range of Pipeline Pig Signallers which are used for indication that the Pipeline Pig has left the Pig Launcher, arrived into the Pig Receiver or passed a marked point in the pipeline.

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