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 v-lock italia: quick opening closures, components and ...
V-lock Italia srl is a company specialized in Quick Opening Closures for any type of pressure vessel, components and accessories for pressure plants. We can design and build Q.O.C. with vessels for horizontal facilities or with davit for vertical installations.

 quick opening closures v-lock italia: q.o.c. closures for ...
Quick Opening Closure (Q.O.C.) design, realization and installation. Quick Opening Closures for oil & gas plants and various types of pressure vessels closures. V-lock Italia is located in Mazzo di Rho, near Milan, Italy.

 quick opening closures | sypris technologies, inc.
TOOL-LESS® Quick Opening Closures (QOC) TOOL-LESS® closures are high pressure quick opening closures (QOC) supplied in the vertical or horizontal configuration. The TOOL-LESS® is designed to be opened and closed by one person in one minute without the use of additional tools.

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 ocg quick opening closures for pressure vessel
Made in Italy. In Petrochemical field, beyond the mentioned Quick Opening Closures that represent the core business of the Company, OCG S.r.l. can give assistance and consulting for engineering and construction of pigging systems for complete Launching and Receiving Stations working with other Companies skilled in this Sector.

 v-lock italia products: qoc closures for pressure plants ...
V-Lock’s products: QOC closures for pressure plants, closures for oil and gas pipelines. Threaded Quick Opening Closure (QOC THD), Quick Opening Closure with double clamp and single operating rod and with sector locking system. Located near Milan, Italy.

 quick-opening closure
GD Bandlock™ 2 Closures provide horizontal or vertical access to any pressure vessel in seconds. Compared with other quick-opening closures they can be operated safely at remarkable speed ...

 quick opening closures
Er gil pr ovides RX!" Quick Opening Closur es to oil, gas and liquid ser vice and operat or comp anies. Er gil is cap able o f pr oviding quick closur es for any size and pr essur e ratings.

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