Our company

DB Projects was founded in the province of Pavia, Italy, in 1996, with the goal to provide technical support to the major companies operating in the petrochemical and oil&gas industries.

Our standard product line, combined with our long experience in this field, allows us to meet the most varied needings of our customer.

Our services

  • Calculations of pressure vessels
  • Design  Calculations by formula (DBF)
  • Design  Calculations by analysis (DBA)
  • Feasibility studies
  • Construction drawings on client’s specifications
  • 3D modeling


  • Design and production of 2d and 3d drawings.
  • 3d modeling of piping and equipments.
  • Plant layout design.
  • Pressure vessels mechanical calculations, filters and quick opening closures according to ASME VIII DIV.1/DIV.2, A.S., B.S., T.E.M.A., A.P.I., AD2000, GOST rules, and according to 2014/68/UE directive.
  • Structures and plant mechanical calculations.


  • Internal filtration solutions (Vane packs, cyclon bundles, cartridges complete with support plate).
  • Pressure equipments, vertical and horizontal filters.
  • Vertical and horizontal quick opening closures.
  • Oil mist eliminators.
  • Duplex filters.

Tests, expediting and NDTs

  • Qualified personnel for tests and inspections
  • Qualified personnel with III°/II° liv. SNT TC 1 A qualification for non-destructive tests (penetrant liquids, magnetic and ultrasonic testing)
  • P.M.I. controls.
  • Welding inspector

Technical consultancy

Technical support for III level CND and ASME Stamp certification attainment

Third party tests

TUV certified agency with qualified personnel to perform design approval and tests according to 2014/68/UE directive, and 3.2 material certification.