The opening / closing system of the model DB Clamplock consists in a couple of clamps (or ties) machined to allow the perfect connection of the cover to the body, in order to share the pressure load over the entire circumference of the closure.

The QOC is equipped with gear wheel and handwheel, and can also be installed at a distance in the case in which the closure is installed on devices not accessible by the operator without the use of stairs or walkwaysThe  seal is ensured by a special custom made lip seal, in order  to adapt to different fluids and design temperatures.

Operator safety is guaranteed by the standard safety valve which makes possible to lock the clamps once the cover is closed.

Features STD On request Not applicable
False tooth and safety valve security system

O-ring gasket

Lock for cover in “open” position

Partial ASME “U” Stamp certification

Hydraulic test (if applicable)

Welding overlay

Key Interlock safety system

Vertical QOCs oil hydraulic cover lift system

Horizontal QOCs oil hydraulic cover opening system