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 gps srl - quick opening closures - products
GPS Industrie's Quick Opening closures are also guaranteed to an internal pressure up to 500 barg and the Seals can be supplied in NBR and VITON with shore hardness of any class; in special cases may be supplied special Seals for applications up to 315 ° C.

 quick opening closures - ergil
Quick Opening Closures A safe, quick and economic access for your pig launchers / receivers, , filters seperators and pressure vessels. Since 1982 ERGIL has been manufacturing Quick Opening Closures (QOC) are highly used for various vessel and pipeline applications such as pressure vessels, pig launcher/receivers, filter separators with vertical or horizontal installation and etc.

 quick opening closures v-lock italia: q.o.c. closures for ...
Quick Opening Closures V-Lock Italia Srl V-Lock Italia due to its internal structure is able to achieve any kind of quick opening closure (or QOC) which can be installed on various types of pressure vessels such as launcher and receiver pig traps, Gas Filters with vertical or horizontal installation, manhole, handhole, Filters Separators, Three-phase filters, etc..

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 ocg quick opening closures for pressure vessel
Our Quick Opening Closures are completely manufactured in our Company under specific requests of our Clients that need a quick and frequent access to the internal parts of every kind of equipment/vessels (Autoclaves, Separators, Filters, Launching and Receiving Traps, etc.) in safe conditions.

 quick opening closures – db progetti
Since several years, DB Progetti designs and manufactures quick opening closures of various types, strictly in accordance with international regulations, for equipment that requires opening and closing operations in reduced times, such as: Pig traps; Filters; Scrubbers; Manhole openings

 quick opening closure - bandlock™ 2 | celeros flow technology
GD Engineering is a world leader in the manufacture of quick opening closures. Our GD Bandlock™ 2 is the original and benchmark design for global high pressure applications with over 20,000 units in operation worldwide. GD Bandlock™ 2 Closures provide horizontal or vertical access to any pressure vessel in seconds.

 quick opening closure – pigs for pipeline
Quick Opening Closures is a kind of mechanical device installed on the round openings of pressure pipelines or pressure vessels, which can realize quick opening and closing.

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