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radiello ™ Cartridge Adsorbents, for sampling BTEX and VOCs (thermal desorption), matrix SS net (3 x 8 μm, 4.8 mm diam.), Carbograph, pk of 20 Relationship: RAD145S includes 2 adsorbing cartridges, cartridge body and triangular support plate

 captiva filtration plates and cartridges | agilent
Captiva filtration plates and cartridges completely remove precipitated proteins and strongly protect against HPLC column clogging. Captiva 96-well filter plates, available in 0.2 and 0.45 µm pore sizes, are ideal for preparing precipitated protein samples for LC/MS. Captiva 10 and 20 µm glass fiber filter plates are perfect for automated systems and for clarifying particle-laden samples.

 us10307698b2 - multiple cartridge fluid filter canister ...
The lower support plate carries a corresponding lower positioning element that extends upwardly from the lower support plate to engage a lower end of the filter cartridge. Annular seals surround...

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 endless film cartridge and pressure support plate therefor ...
A film cartridge is provided to hold an endless film strip for storage and display. The cartridge includes a pressure support plate to hold the film in a focus plane for projection, which plate is a resilient, generally ellipsoidal loop with a front projection opening and means for securing the loop to the cartridge in a position to resiliently and uniformly press against the perimeter of the ...

 camera having film support plate and cartridge chamber ...
A film passage is formed at a rear side of an exposure aperture which is disposed between a cartridge chamber 11 and a film take-up chamber 12. The film passage comprises a passage channel 15 integrally formed with a camera main body and a film support plate covering a rear side of the passage channel.

 cartridge filter housing, multi/single stainless steel ...
Our users will spend less time cleaning filter systems and changing cartridge by the hinged cover and removable cartridge support plate in cartridge filter vessel. Filson horizontal cartridge filter housing features large size clean and dirty drain for easy venting, draining and sampling.

 hp inkjet cartridges - official hp® support
Connect with HP support faster, manage all of your devices in one place, ... Wiping the nozzle plate can damage the cartridge (see Figure 2). Figure : Do not wipe the nozzle plate. Remove the black cartridge. With a clean part of the cloth, repeat Step 5 with the black ink cartridge.

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