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 coalescer cartridge: separation efficiency up to 100% - fti
Coalescer cartridge from Filtrotecnica Italiana is made from special fibres which are able to remove virtually any type of liquid particles carried by a gas stream. The special glass or other particular filtering manufacturing according to process needs, can guarantee extremely high removal efficiencies even for submicron particles.The guaranteed removal efficiency is usually 100% for all ...

 coalescing cartridges - findex filtration s.r.l.
Coalescing cartridges provide maximum efficiency in the separation of liquids or mists together with solids. They can be applied for dust separation, metallic particulate matter such as rust, condensate and oily mist, or refining hydrocarbons. Features: Nominal or absolute filtration High storage capacity High quality materials Different constructions based on the separation to be obtained

 coalescing cartridges - votech
Coalescing cartridges for liquid removal from gaseous media SoloToV ® Filtering material SoloToV®: wound layers of controlled density impregnated glass fibre material

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 high efficency coalescing cartridges series csphe
coalescing cartridge is the solution that combines the high efficiency removal performance of oil-hydrocarbons or water droplets with precence of solids particulate in the stream. A not wettable composite polymeric layers ensures three stages of treatment.

 trp® oil coalescing cartridges
The oil coalescing cartridge’s purpose is to filter out water vapor, aerosolized oil and other contaminants before they can reach the air tanks, valves and other downstream components. Essential to vehicle performance, these cartridges protect key components (including brake valves, emission controls and automated manual transmissions) by removing moisture and oil aerosol contaminants before ...

 research – db progetti
Coalescing cartridges for liquid removal from gaseous media. ... An integrated pre-filter effectively separates solid particles, thus considerably increasing the cartridge lifetime Temperature resistance: for standard cartridges continuous operating temperature 70°C; maximum surge 120°C (pH 7).

 486 coalescing cartridge | classic filters
The 486 Coalescing Cartridge is the equivalent of the GE Part # 328A7187P003. This filter cartridge is an Oil Mist Eliminator used in Gas Turbine Power Plants. We are an original manufacturer of the 486 type and producing these coalescing cartridges for OEMs.

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