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 cyclone ii - cyclone ii support
The Cyclone ® II Device Handbook is comprised of the Cyclone II family data sheet along with detailed information on how to use Cyclone II features. Other topics include PCB layout guidelines, memory, configuration, and design considerations. To view the entire handbook, click the Cyclone II Device Handbook (All Sections) link below.

 intel® cyclone® 10 lp fpgas support
Intel® FPGAs and Programmable Devices / FPGAs / Cyclone Series / Intel® Cyclone® 10 FPGA / Intel® Cyclone® 10 LP FPGA / Intel® Cyclone® 10 LP FPGAs Support Intel® Cyclone® 10 LP FPGAs Support

 cyclone v - cyclone® v fpgas support - intel
Cyclone IV and Cyclone V PowerPlay Early Power Estimator (ver 14.0, Jun 2014, 7 KB) (Please see EPE) PowerPlay Early Power Estimator User Guide; Achieving Lowest System Power with Low-Power 28-nm FPGAs (ver 1.0, Mar 2012, 467 KB); Device-Specific Power Delivery Network (PDN) Tool 2.0 User Guide

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 cyclone support - exxon research & engineering co.
Cyclone support . United States Patent 4273565 . Abstract: In a vessel such as for a fluid coker burner, there is provided a plenum chamber which functions as a collection header for the clean gas discharge from a plurality of cyclone stages supported within the vessel. The plenum chamber ...

 intel® cyclone® 10 lp fpgas devices - intel® fpga
Intel's Cyclone® 10 LP FPGA family extends the Intel Cyclone FPGA series leadership in low-cost and low-power devices. Ideal for high-volume, cost-sensitive functions, Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGAs are designed for a broad spectrum of general logic applications.

 cyclone v device family bsdl files - intel
Cyclone V Device Family BSDL Files Browse boundary-scan description language (BSDL) files by specific devices and choose the appropriate device package. You can use the same BSDL file regardless of speed grade or temperature.

 cyclone® v fpga - intel® fpga
Cyclone® V FPGAs provide the industry's lowest system cost and power, along with performance levels that make the device family ideal for differentiating your high-volume applications. You'll get up to 40 percent lower total power compared with the previous generation, efficient logic integration capabilities, integrated transceiver variants, and SoC FPGA variants with an ARM*-based hard ...

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