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 demister - wikipedia
Il demister (o abbattitore di nebbie o separatore di trascinamenti o separatore di gocce o denebulizzatore) è un dispositivo inserito in apparecchiature per separazioni liquido - vapore, che ha il compito di favorire la separazione delle gocce di liquido trascinate dalla corrente gassosa. L'utilizzo del demister riduce il tempo di residenza ...

 demister (vapor) - wikipedia
A demister is a device often fitted to vapor–liquid separator vessels to enhance the removal of liquid droplets entrained in a vapor stream. Demisters may be a mesh-type coalescer , vane pack or other structure intended to aggregate the mist into droplets that are heavy enough to separate from the vapor stream.

 demister - an overview | sciencedirect topics
A demister separator is fitted either with a vane demister package or with a wire demister mat. The latter type is much preferred, although it is unsuitable for fouling service. The wire mesh demister is a widely applied type of separator, and is adequate for all gas–liquid flow regimes over a wide range of gas flow rates.

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 demisters (droplet separators) - vff
The pad of the wire mesh droplet separators (demisters) is between 100 and 150 mm deep in most applications. If the gas- or steamflow contains very fine droplets, e.g. as created during condensation, considerably deeper pads or multiple layers are required.

 demister filter: the ultimate faq guide | filson filter
Furthermore, the Demister filter is a suitable pre-separator where foreign particles highly contaminate the vapor. At a basic functionality level, demister filters would remove contaminants of very exact sizes of 1µm, 2µm and more. Dust particles being especially bigger compared to droplets.

 wire mesh demister pads for liquid and gas separating problems
Demister pad, a efficient and economical product for gas and liquid separating and filtering, has a wide range of applications in the chemical, pharmacy, petroleum, papermaking and other fields. Boegger Industech Limited can supply you all kinds of demister pads for your different equipment, application and environments.

 demister pad overview of working principle, using methods
Demister pad, also called mist pad, wire mesh demister, mesh mist eliminator, catching mist, mist eliminator, is used in gas entrained mist separation column to guarantee the filtering efficiency. History of demister pad

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