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 horizontal quick opening closure | vkvc | details ...
Closure Orientation: Horizontal: Vessel / Trap Design Codes: ASME B31.3 ASME B31.4 ASME B31.8 ASME Sec VIII Div. 1: Types of Connection: Butt Welded , Flange Ended: Material of Construction: ASTM A/SA 350 Lf2 Cl. 1 or 2 ASTM A/SA 105 ASTM A/SA 516 Grade 70 ASTM A 694 F Grade 42/46/52/56/60/65/70 Stainless Steel Grade 304L or 316 Duplex, Super ...

 horizontal quick opening end closures, horizontal quick ...
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 quick opening closure - q.o.c. - piping technologies
Pressure Range from 150# up to 300#. Size range from 04” up to 20” and higher. Applicable for horizontal and vertical pressure vessels. Clamp segment to fixe the plug in the hub.

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 gps srl - quick opening closures - products
GPS Industrie's Quick Opening Closure are performer in accordance with the main International reference standards such as ASME VIII Div.1, Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (PED), made to perfection on customer specifications and on its needs.

 quick opening closure - bandlock™ 2 | celeros flow technology
GD Bandlock™ 2 Closures provide horizontal or vertical access to any pressure vessel in seconds. Compared with other quick-opening closures they can be operated safely at remarkable speed any size of unit can be opened or closed in less than a minute, with no special tools required.

 qoc - quick openning closure
Quick Opening Closure - Q.O.C. 3 Steps only to OPEN or CLOSE Opening and closing by one man within one minute without effort ... Applicable for horizontal and vertical pressure vessels. NLS2K0 - Elastic Segment type. Elastic ring segment to fixe the plug in the hub

 quick opening closures - ergil
Quick Opening Closures . A safe, quick and economic access for your pig launchers / receivers, , filters seperators and pressure vessels. Since 1982 ERGIL has been manufacturing Quick Opening Closures (QOC) are highly used for various vessel and pipeline applications such as pressure vessels, pig launcher/receivers, filter separators with vertical or horizontal installation and etc.

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