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 (non) -intrusive pig signallers | peb group of companies
Pig Signallers can be used to detect the passage of pigs in a pipeline. They can be either intrusive, whereby they will physically protrude into a pipeline or they are non-intrusive types that are strapped on the outside of a pipeline.

 category: intrusive pig signallers | pipetech corporation
Intrusive Pig Signallers Confirm success launch, passage and receipt of pipeline pigs. Pipetech offers a selection of scraper passage indicators, or intrusive pig signallers, that accurately detect, signal and log the passage of pipeline pigs at critical points along pipelines onshore, offshore and subsea.

 integ » intrusive pig signaller
Intrusive Pig Signaller indicates the passage of a pig through a direct contact with passing pig. The pig signaller is installed to a pipeline using a special welded boss. The connector can be installed online, using a special hot tapping machine (the pig signaller‘s plug is compatible with most types of hot tapping machines).

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 pig signallers intrusive & non intrusive | apache pig ...
Pig Passage Indicators Choose from our pig passage indicators. Our popular pigPRO intrusive signaller series employ a trigger intrusion into the pipe bore, and our non-intrusive, magnetic type pig detectors confirm passage of pigs carrying magnets.

 flanged / electrical intrusive type pig signaller ...
Consult PETROSYSTEM's Flanged / Electrical Intrusive Type Pig Signaller brochure on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/2

 non-intrusive pig signaller devices | celeros flow technology
The Hi-T Magalert and Hi-T Ultralert are robust non-intrusive pig signaller devices that use “magnetic” and “ultrasonic” detection principles respectively to detect, signal and log the passage of pigs at critical points along a pipeline. The Hi-T Magalert and Hi-T Ultralert devices can be used for both onshore and offshore installations.

 pig signallers - inpipe products™
iNPIPE PRODUCTSTM design and manufacture a unique and comprehensive range of patented and proven intrusive pig signallers in a range of materials and configurations to ensure complete reliability and trouble-free operation with a design life of over 25 years.

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