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 (non) -intrusive pig signallers | peb group of companies
The most common way of doing this is to place so-called pig-signallers at strategic points along the length of the pipeline. The most commonly used type is the mechanical intrusive signaller type. However, this requires a physical opening in the pipeline or a flanged 2-inch branch connection.

 pig signallers - inpipe products™
About: Pig Signallers The pig signaller is used to indicate the pig has left the Launcher, arrived in a receiver or passed a certain point in the pipeline. The iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ pig signaller range is reliable and effective regardless of the orientation in which it is fitted due to an omni-directional trigger design.

 category: intrusive pig signallers | pipetech corporation
Intrusive Pig Signallers Confirm success launch, passage and receipt of pipeline pigs. Pipetech offers a selection of scraper passage indicators, or intrusive pig signallers, that accurately detect, signal and log the passage of pipeline pigs at critical points along pipelines onshore, offshore and subsea.

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 pigpro™ intrusive pig signallers | apache pig passage ...
The pigPRO intrusive signaller provides a dependable signal of a pig pass using a visual, electrical or combination signal. Not sure which is best for you and your project? Let us know how we can help! pigPRO™ Series 55

 flanged / electrical intrusive type pig signaller ...
Consult PETROSYSTEM's Flanged / Electrical Intrusive Type Pig Signaller brochure on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/2

 api 10k intrusive pig signallers - inpipe products™
INPIPE PRODUCTS™ boundary pushing developments have led to our introduction of API 10,000 intrusive pig signallers, together with fully tested and third party witnessed jacking device FAT testing for safe removal under full line pressure, so as not to disrupt production.

 pig signallers intrusive & non intrusive | apache pig ...
Choose from our pig passage indicators. Our popular pigPRO intrusive signaller series employ a trigger intrusion into the pipe bore, and our non-intrusive, magnetic type pig detectors confirm passage of pigs carrying magnets. Not sure which is right for you? Contact our team today for more information or a quote!

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