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 kirk® key interlock - kirk® the leader in trapped key ...
Warehouse and Logistics White Paper Kirk Key Interlock has over 80 years of experience in industrial safety across a wide range of sectors such as manufacturing, waste & recycling, concrete and warehousing. Recently, we have made use of this expertise and knowledge to produce a white paper on the changing landscape of warehouse safety in […]

 trapped-key interlocking - wikipedia
Trapped-key interlocking utilizes locks and keys for sequential control of equipment and machinery to ensure safe operation. Trapped-key interlocks are widely used to ensure safe access to potentially live or dangerous plant or equipment in an industrial setting. A safe sequence of operations is enabled through transfer of keys that are either trapped or released in a predetermined order. For example, a key is used to isolate a power source, this key is then released and can then ...

 castell safety - trapped key interlocks, loto and drive ...
Everyone has the right to be safe at work Castell trapped key interlocks have been used as part of integrated safety systems across a wide number of industries worldwide for over 95 years. Our products are designed and manufactured to withstand the environmental conditions where people and assets need to be protected.

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 examples of key interlock systems
Key interlocks avoid the limitations of electrical interlocking and the restrictions of mechanical interlocking by making use of easily portable keys, carried in sequence from one interlock to the next. The use of keys imparts a human factor and provides physical evidence of equipment status.

 superior interlock corporation - key interlocks system ...
Key interlocks system manufacturer servicing the special needs of domestic and international companies insuring that personnel and equipment are safeguarded. Order duplicate or replacement keys Superior Interlock Corporation has, for decades, been safeguarding the lives of personnel and protecting valuable equipment and processes in industrial facilities all over the world.

 trapped key interlock switches | allen-bradley
Our Rotary Trapped Key Interlock Switches are used for electrical isolation of machinery to improve safe access and also as teach boxes in robot cells. Once the power has been turned off, the key can be withdrawn and used in the next sequence of operation such as unlocking an access hatch or allowing valves to be operated.

 fortress interlocks - what is mgard?
Trapped key interlocking is a tried and tested method of mechanically safeguarding dangerous machines and hazardous processes. Mechanical keys eliminate most of the electrical wiring associated with other types of interlocks making it cost effective to install and maintain.

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