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 pig handling system | world leading industrial manufacturer
Pig handling systems consist of a trolley and a crane. Pig trolleys can be either mechanical(man-power), or automatic, which is powered by a motor. Systems can be also applied separately. Spark proof certificated handling system can be also supplied on request. Handling system specially designed for easy use, and easy to maintenance; no need for spare parts. Features:

 pig trolleys & pig handling equipment - horizon industrial ...
Pig Trolleys and Pig Handling Equipment are designed to assist operations personnel in the safe loading, unloading, transportation and storage of Pipeline Pigs for both process operations and periodical pipeline inspection operations. Pig Trolleys consist of a robust frame which holds the pig loading/unloading tray.

 pig handling equipment | ocean kinetics
The pig cradle sits upon a trolley, which runs on a short length of rail and can readily access the pig receiver. The assembly required to be safely moved out of the way for cleaning & preparation of the pig for onward transportation. A trolley was also to be developed which could hold either the existing transportation cradle or the new one.

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 pig handling equipment - inpipe products™
Davit and Bench/Trolley – manually operated system consisting of a free standing jib crane, cradle style bench, static or wheel mounted, hand cranked winch and cable system, which moves a push mechanism to transfer the pig/sphere into the trap launch position.

 pigging equipment - horizon industrial pty ltd
HORIZON Industrial is one of Australia’s most diverse high quality specialty products, equipment & service suppliers. Contact us for all your Pipeline Equipment requirements including Pipeline Strainers and Filters, Pipeline Pigs, Pigging Equipment and Pigging Services. Phone +613 9090 7447

 pig launching receiving systems - filters
Pig Handling System On major line diameters, where the weight of the pig makes handling difficult, some mechanical devices can be used to carry out loading and unloading operations more easily and quickly. The most complete FILTERS system designed for this job includes: A Travelling Trolley for extracting and inserting

 pig handling equipment | peb group of companies
Pig Handling Equipment. When pigs are introduced into a pipeline, for smaller line sizes and associated conventional pigs manual handling will be relatively easy. However, as sizes increase, additional equipment will be required to insert pigs into a launcher or extract them from a receiver.

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