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 petropedia - what is pig launcher? - definition from ...
A Pig Launcher is a designed and fabricated tool used to launch Pig's inside Crude Oil, Petroleum Products or Gas Pipelines. Pig refers to pipeline intervention gadgets that are used to perform multiple maintenance operations such as cleaning and inspection inside the pipelines.

 pig launcher & receivers - cdb engineeringcdb engineering
CDB is able to supply equipment for pipeline maintenance, like Pig Launcher and Receivers. We can supply Pig Traps as loose items or packaged with related pipes, valves and instrumentation, moreover with all handling devices for Pigs. Pig Traps are manufactured in accordance to Major International Design Codes and particular Clients ...

 pig launchers & receivers - products | swecofab
Pig Launcher and Receiver with GD Closure The three pig launchers measure 127″, 172″, and 189″ in length and are designed for 263 PSIG at 185ºF. The pipe diameters of each unit measure 10″, 18″, and 20″, respectively. Two of the pig launchers/receivers are fabricated from carbon steel and one from stainless steel.

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 what is a pig launcher? | piping technology & products, inc.
What is a pig launcher? A pig launcheris a device which uses a pressurized container to shoot a cleaning device (“pig”) through the pipeline to perform a variety of functions including cleaning, monitoring, and maintaining of the pipe. Pig Launcher and Receiver

 pig launcher and receiver manufacturers | s&s technical ...
A pig launcher is a system used to send a PIG through a pipeline. It uses pressure to propel the PIG out of the launcher barrel and sends it through the pipeline system. These come in a variety of sizes depending on the pipeline size.

 pig launchers & pig receivers | world leading industrial ...
ERGIL is capable of manufacturing most advanced skid mounted pigging systems, which included unique jacking system, handling system, and trolley, skid mounted mobile pig launcher and pig receiver systems, environment friendly skid pigging systems.Rhino Pipeline Equipment provides Pig Receiver & Launchers to oil, gas and liquid service and operator companies.

 pig launcher & receiver – pigs for pipeline
Pig Launcher & Receiver are important parts of pigging equipment, which is installed on both ends of pipeline to launch or receive the pig. It mainly consists of Quick Opening Closure, barrel, reducer, and saddle support.

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