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 what is pig launcher? - definition from petropedia
A Pig Launcher is a designed and fabricated tool used to launch Pig's inside Crude Oil, Petroleum Products or Gas Pipelines. Pig refers to pipeline intervention gadgets that are used to perform multiple maintenance operations such as cleaning and inspection inside the pipelines.

 pigging - wikipedia
A pig launcher was featured in the season 2 episode "Pipeline Fever" of the animated show Archer (2009 TV series), wherein Sterling Archer and Lana Kane are tasked with going into a swamp and defending a pig launcher from radical environmentalist Joshua Gray. See also. Guided wave testing, for nondestructive testing of a pipeline

 pig launcher and receiver
The Pig Launcher/ Receiver is built for ease of operation and longevity of service. With a multiple of option available, Syschem Control will supply the ultimate design that readily meets your technical and commercial requirements. What is a Pig Launcher/Receiver?

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 pig launcher & receiver – pigs for pipeline
Pig Launcher & Receiver are important parts of pigging equipment, which is installed on both ends of pipeline to launch or receive the pig. It mainly consists of Quick Opening Closure, barrel, reducer, and saddle support.

 pig launchers & receivers - products | swecofab
Pig Launcher and Receiver with GD Closure The three pig launchers measure 127″, 172″, and 189″ in length and are designed for 263 PSIG at 185ºF. The pipe diameters of each unit measure 10″, 18″, and 20″, respectively. Two of the pig launchers/receivers are fabricated from carbon steel and one from stainless steel.

 pressure vessels |pig launcher | pig receiver |qoc | vkvc
Pig Launchers and Pig Receivers are installed on Pipelines to launch and receive Pipeline Pigs, Pipeline spheres and Pipeline inspection tools. Pig Launchers & Pig Receivers offer a safe and effective means of inserting and removing pipeline Pigs to and from Pipelines. VKVC fabricates pig launchers and pig receivers as per client specifications.

 portable pig launchers - inpipe products™
About: Portable Pig Launchers The portable temporary pig launcher locks onto the outer surface of the pipeline, allowing it to be used on any pipeline of similar O/D regardless of wall thickness. Utilising posi-seal technology, the device can be installed and operated quickly using a set of tyres inflated with water.

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