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 quick actuating closures
Quick actuating closures are also used as the top head on vertical vessels. Although they are more commonly used on cylindrical vessels, the quick opening doors are sometimes applied to use on rectangular sterilizers and process autoclaves.

 t.d. williamson - d2000 quick-actuating closure
The industry’s most trusted closure for 20 years, the D2000 quick-actuating closure combines operator safety with ease of operation. After depressurization, opening and closing operations are performed in a fast, single motion, with the operator standing safely to the side.

 ep0366786a1 - quick actuating closure - google patents
The invention relates to a rapid closure for a pressure vessel (80) in which a wedging ring (30) with conical outer surface (31) is moved forward to force shear blocks (40) with conical inner surfaces (41), radially outward to block an end closure plug (70) within an opening (81) located in the pressure vessel (80). A sealing ring (60) and a preload ramp (50) rest between the shear blocks (40 ...

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 us4823976a - quick actuating closure - google patents
According to the present invention, the foregoing and additional objects are obtained by providing a quick actuating closure for a pressure vessel. It is comprised of a wedge ring that has a...

 d2000 quick-actuating closures - o-p-s.be
closures can also come with an optional side screw assist feature. Features. The T.D. Williamson quick-actuating closure . is easily operated by one person. The closure is designed primarily for horizontal installation, meaning the door swings open on the horizontal axis. However, the closure may be installed on a vertical installation.

 quick-actuating pipeline closures | asme closures | pig ...
Tool-less® closures are high pressure quick opening closures (QOC) supplied in the vertical or horizontal configuration. The Tool-less® is designed to be opened and closed by one person in one minute without the use of additional tools.

 quick actuating closure - the united states of america as ...
A quick actuating closure for a pressure sustaining vessel comprising: a mobile cart assembly with a vertical plate supporting an integrally connected air motor means, gear box means, and four screw jack means, communicating so that each said screw jack means is capable of moving a screw jack shaft forward and rearward;

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