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 continuous thread closures | ct | packaging options direct
Continuous Thread Closures One of the more common styles is Continuous Thread Closure, or CT. Packaging Options Direct offers a wide variety of plastic CT closures which consist of a finish that has one non-interrupted thread that spirals downward toward the shoulder of the container.

 thread (groovy jdk enhancements)
public static Thread startDaemon(Closure closure) Start a daemon Thread with the given closure as a Runnable instance. Parameters: closure - the Runnable closure Returns: the started thread Since: 1.0; public static Thread startDaemon(String name, Closure closure) Start a daemon Thread with a given name and the given closure as a Runnable ...

 continuous thread (standard) | crown
For the Americas market, this closure can also feature a plastisol liner to form a hermetic seal and is designed for use with a standard 400, 405 or 450 glass finish. Markets Served Confectionery, Cooking Sauces, Dairy Products, Dressings & Condiments, Fish & Seafood, Fruits & Desserts, Meat & Sausage, Nuts & Dry Food, Pet Food, Powdered Drinks, Preserves, Ready Meals & Soups, Spreads & Paté ...

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 thread closure — ship of fools
An OP can help curate a thread, but they are unequivocally not in control of it, and any attempt to behave as if they are is very much junior hosting. This obviously extends to closing threads. Very occasionally, a consensus arises which means a thread is so much of a train wreck that we close it prematurely. But that is rare.

 gasche resilient thread closure pressure vessel | parker ...
Gasche Resilient Thread Closure Pressure Vessel. Improved thread design provides superior safety and service : Conventional threaded closures, operating under high pressure, experience great stress concentration. The Gasche Resilient Thread Closure redistributes this stress by utilizing a flexible spring, which actually forms the thread.

 how to make a thread chain loop
Let me show you how to make a thread chain. A thread chain has a lot of uses. I'm showing you how it can be a delicate button loop and take the place of a metal loop in a hook-and-eye closure.

 continuous thread - berry global
Family: Continuous Thread , Diameter: 28mm , Thread Profile: "M" Style , Material: PP , Food Services Market: Cannabis Solutions C28/410-FRST/LL 28-410 Continuous Thread Deep Skirt

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