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 vertical gas/filter separator – repco
Vertical Gas/Filter Separator The REPCo’s Vertical Filter/Separator is designed for the high efficiency removal of liquids and solids from a gas stream. The filter/separator is particularly suitable for the removal of small liquid droplets.

 ricerche – db progetti
Vertical and horizontal quick change filter-separator for solid and liquid contaminant removal 1 micron and larger. Vessel contains a first stage filter cartridge followed by a second stage mist extraction device such as a wave plate or cyclotube.

 research – db progetti
Vertical Filter Separator. The Plenty Vertical Filter Separator will remove 100% of all droplets 8-10 microns and larger and 99.5% of all droplets 0.5-8 microns in size.

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 vertical filter/separators | 3d cad model library | grabcad
Compact VV Series Filter/ Separators comply fully with EI 1581, Fifth Edition, requirements for Category C equipment. Units are designed for ease of maintenance with one piece threaded base “C5” Series Coalescer Elements and reusable one-piece Teflon ® coated screen “V5” Series Separator Elements.

 vertical filter/ separators on filtration corp. of america
Vertical Filter/ Separators: Check up to five results to perform an action. API/IP 1581 5th Edition Qualified VV-Series Compact VV Series Filter/Separators comply fully with API/IP 1581, Fifth Edition, requirements for Category C equipment.

 gas filter separator | horizontal & vertical configuration ...
Horizontal orientation requires full footprint which is larger than Vertical Filter Separator. Vertical orientation has a 20-40% smaller footprint than the Horizontal Filter Separator. Vertical: Bulk Liquids Handling: High liquid loads are handled at the primary knockout section and can directly enter the primary sump allowing the Horizontal Filter Separator to cope with upset conditions much better.

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