Pig Signalers provide confirmation of the movement of pipeline pigs through a pipeline. They are normally positioned at both the pig launching and pig receiving stations and at the key points along the pipeline.

The design of our Pig Signaler makes it able to operate at 360°, from any angle and direction, that’s why we call it “Pig Signaler Omnidirectional”.

DB Progetti is able to supply the Pig Signaler in 3 layouts, depending on client requirements. If you need to extract it while the pipeline is still under pressure, we provide the Pig Signaler along with interception valves (DBB Valve) or with spool pipe if the pipeline is already equipped with valves. For this purpose, DB Progetti can supply a manual Jacking Device.  Otherwise we can also supply the Pig Signaler ready to be assembled directly on the pipeline.

The product is completely customizable on client requirements:

  • Shaft length
  • Construction material (Carbon steel, stainless steel, special alloys, etc.)
  • Connection flange type
  • Special accessories (such as explosion-proof proximity switch)
  • Painting or corrosion-proof coating