Program Quality Management

DB Progetti’s management has recognized the needing to implement a program for Quality Management for the improvement of its services:

Supply of services of the highest quality in accordance with customer requirements
Customer satisfaction
Involvement of all staff in the organization’s activities to ensure coordination
Continuos search for new employees with higher professionalism and preparation in relation to the best quality / price
Recording and management of non-conformities (suppliers, customers, internal)
Search for new customers
New services

ISO 9001: 2008

DB Progetti is certified ISO9001: 2008 for its QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.
Certification Body: TUV ITALY
For the following activities:

  • Design and fabrication management of pressure equipment for the engineering, petrochemical, oil & gas industry.
  • Inspection, monitoring, testing and work progress verification for the industrial field at our customers and suppliers.