The Main Features of the DB Ringlock quick opening closure  are the extreme simplicity, and opening and closing speed.

These operations are possible thanks to a resilient metal ring which is interposed between the hub and the  closed cover.
The opening and closing of the ring are performed through a simple hand lever, with minimum effort by the operator.

The design and 3D simulation of the hinge, allows the quick unlocking and opening of the closure.
The  seal is ensured by a special custom made lip seal, in order  to adapt to different fluids and design temperatures.
Operator safety is guaranteed by the safety valve with false ring which, in the same way as the false tooth, makes possible to lock the ring once the cover is closed.

Features STD On request Not applicable
False ring and safety valve security system

Special lip seal

Lock for cover in “open” position

Partial ASME “U” Stamp certification

Hydraulic test (if applicable)

Welding overlay

Key Interlock safety system

Vertical QOCs oil hydraulic cover lift system

Horizontal QOCs oil hydraulic cover opening system